Choose An Urgent Care Clinic To Avoid Surprise Billing

Imagine that you’re in an accident and you are suddenly in need of urgent care. Like many people, you have a basic health insurance policy just for moments like this. You call your primary physician, but it’s the weekend so she is unavailable. After calling and checking with your insurance company, you find a hospital ER in network and get your injuries tended like you needed. Fast forward to a couple months later. You check the mail, and two bills arrive. One is from the out-of-network radiologist who read the X-rays for your accident, and the other is from the ER doctor who had attended to you, and who was also out-of-network. However, the facility itself is listed on your  insurance. To your unfortunate surprise, the hospital bills you open amount to just over $1000. But how is this situation possible? You’ve done everything right to avoid such a last minute expense (which you may not be able to afford). You called your insurance, you paid the copay, and you checked if the facility is in network. One way to avoid such surprise billing is by visiting emergency care centers such as Premier Medical Associates that are covered by your insurance. If you’re looking up “walk in clinic near me” in the Orlando area, call Premier Medical Associates today or just walk in!


Surprise Bills Are Unpleasant For Everyone

Unfortunately, 22 percent (nearly a quarter!) of patients who visit in-network hospitals end up receiving an out-of-network service during the visit. This illustrates that even when you think you are familiar with your health care policy and what exactly it covers, you may end up being tricked. Although this issue is unfair, it is so frequent that one in five patients that visit the emergency room will end up facing surprise bills which range from $900-$19,000. While the ER facility itself may be part of your insurance network, specialists like radiologists, anesthesiologists, and physicians who are employed by the hospitals in question negotiate separately with insurers. When negotiations with your insurance companies don’t produce the right results, patient end up receiving the balance unpaid by the insurance and owed to the doctor. Patients visiting an in-network hospital then end up being caught in the crossfire, and may receive care from an out-of-network doctor they had no choice in being attended to by.  


Urgent Care Clinics Can Save You Money

Compared to such an emergency room visit, Premier Medical Associates harbors no surprises. Whether or not you have insurance, the quote or co-pay that we give you is the bill that you will end up receiving. Premier Medical Associates offers transparency in our pricing that our patients love, so that they are able to be completely aware of how much they end up owing. This is one of many reasons that if you’re looking up “walk in clinic near me,” you should visit Premier Medical Associates.


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