Do You Need to Visit An Urgent Care Clinic Nearby for a Sunburn?

When it comes to mild to moderate sunburns, we are all fairly aware of how to take of them. All you need is plenty of water, a cold shower, and consistent application of topical ointments and aloe vera. In the “Sunshine State” of Florida, pretty much everybody knows how to deal with a mild sunburn when they stay out in the sun too long. A few things that you should avoid when sunburned include popping blisters, aggressively peeling skin, exfoliating, and utilizing creams that are alcohol-based. Of course, the sooner you treat a sunburn the better- symptoms may not appear until several hours after returning indoors, so it’s always good to be proactive. Stay hydrated, take anti-inflammatories, and use topical treatments as soon as you think that you may have stayed out in the sun too long. However, sometimes these home cures aren’t enough for the worst cases of sunburn. Perhaps your cold showers aren’t cutting down on the pain that you’re experiencing, or maybe over-the-counter topical medication isn’t helping with your blisters. If your sunburn is severe enough, you may want to get it treated at an urgent care clinic nearby, as severe sunburns can be dangerous and can increase your chances of contracting skin cancer in the future. If you’re looking online for a “walk in clinic near me” in the Orlando area, contact Premier Medical Associates for quality urgent care!


Defining a “Severe” Sunburn

So when is a sunburn past just uncomfortable and requires need of medical attention? A real severe sunburn isn’t just large, painful red patches with occasional blistering- although this may be uncomfortable, truly dangerous sunburns have some other symptoms. Symptoms that signal severe sunburn include widespread blistering, burn accompanied by high fever, extreme, almost unbearable pain, burn accompanied by headache, confusion, and vision problems, nausea and chills, and severe dehydration (fluid loss). If you’re been treating your sunburn conventional ways but it hasn’t responded for two days or more, it should be treated as severe. If you develop any of the symptoms mentioned above along with a severe sunburn, you should start looking for a “walk in clinic near me.” These symptoms can be highly dangerous and can lead to additional heat-related illness or indicate an infection that requires medical attention. As soon as you get out of the sun, take an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, in order to dampen symptoms such as inflammation and pain. You should also keep a close eye on the burn in the hours after exposure to the sun, as sunburns can take between four and six hours to develop.


When To Go To an Urgent Care Clinic Nearby

While sunburn is a common and expected outcome of spending time under the sun, heat-related illness poses a more dangerous risk that comes with prolonged exposure to very hot and humid weather. In particular, heat stroke can be life-threatening and occurs when your core body temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. While symptoms of a severe sunburn are similar to those of heatstroke, heatstroke symptoms are more severe and can have heavier repercussions.


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