Should You Visit An Urgent Care Center After A Trip to the ER?

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You recently left the emergency room due to health problems in the middle of the night that left you very worried. It was a good thing you went too because the health problems were just as severe as you suspected. However, the ER gave you proper care and medication, and you are on your way to recovery. This must mean you are in the clear. Think again. The worry is not over. You still need to make sure you do you follow up. That is where Premier Medical Associates comes in. We are an urgent care center that is here to make sure you are healthy. We offer the best primary care doctors near me.


Time For Your Follow Up

Timely follow up by the primary care physician after a patient’s visit to the emergency room (ER) may be the key to reducing return ER visits as well as hospitalizations. Ideally, the provider and patient will have an established relationship, enabling the primary care physician to initiate the follow-up and possibly even avoid the need for the patient’s initial ER visit. However, even if the patient finds it necessary to be seen at the ER, the follow up with the primary care physician can be a critical point in the long-term outcomes for that patient.


Research has established that “regular primary care is associated with a number of health benefits including increased receipt of preventative services and better chronic disease management.” When the patient follows up with a primary care physician promptly after an ER visit, the opportunity also exists for the provider to engage that patient in long-term primary care. Establishing a medical home can be critical for patients with chronic or complex conditions, in particular.


We Are An Urgent Care Center

We have been a trusted healthcare team providing the highest level of patient care with compassion for more than two decades. We understand that our patients are busy therefore, we strive to keep wait times at a minimum. We strive to offer all essential testing and services in-house to accommodate our patients’ active lifestyles. Urgent and same day appointments are available.


You may not be able to see your regular physician this day, but you will see another physician in the practice. Our physicians work closely with one another, and all records are available electronically so accommodating a patient to see an alternate physician is a breeze. On the day of your first appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early to allow for registration and paperwork.

Please bring all identification, your insurance cards and your actual medication bottles to your appointment. Also, please confirm which of our offices you will be visiting.


Try Our Primary Care Doctors Near Me

Make sure you are getting proper care after your visit from the Emergency Room. Trust our medical professionals. When it comes to exceptional urgent care center services, we are the top choice in Orlando. Premier Medical Associates is here for you. There are 15 locations across Central Florida. We indeed are the best urgent care near me. Call or visit us today for more information. Visit a Premier Medical Center in Orlando or surrounding areas! We are the best primary care doctors near me.