Stephen I. Hsu M.D

Internal Medicine/Nephrology

Stephen I. Hsu M.D

Dr. Hsu received a combined MD-PhD degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency and Nephrology Fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, and was Board Certified in both specialities (1997, 2000). Dr. Hsu was recruited from Harvard Medical School in 2007 to occupy a newly Endowed Chair in Clinical and Translational Medicine at the University of Florida. He is award-winning clinical-educator, renowned scientist, and biotechnology innovator. He invented a transdermal patch technology that delivers drugs, such as insulin, across the skin to eliminate daily needle injections. Dr. Hsu has a special interest and approach to the management of diabetes and achieving sustainable weight loss. His goal is to help you reach your optimum healthcare outcome to the ability to take a very comprehensive approach to patient care across all specialities. If you’re looking for an internal medicine doctor near me call Dr. Hsu!

Dr. Hsu is accepting patients in our 17th St. Ocala location and at The Villages Lake Sumter Landing Office.

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