Senior Health Tips: Preventing Hospital Readmission

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Hospital readmission is never a fun time. It is extremely stressful and sometimes overwhelming for the individual involved. When it comes to senior health, you must make sure you stay on top of it. Here at Premier Medical Associates, our professionals are here to make sure you are aware of the tips to help prevent you from going back. We take pride in being the best urgent care near me and in Orlando. 


What is Readmission

Did you know that in our country, about 20% of hospital patients go back to the hospital within 30 days of discharge? Readmissions are when you return to the hospital within 30 days of leaving; although, it must be with the same chief complaint that initially put you in the hospital.


But why do these individuals return? Here is a list of the most common reasons:

  • They are exposing yourself to a variety of potentially harmful infections
  • Medical errors are more likely to occur
  • Not to mention other issues like the overall deconditioning of your body


Helpful Tips To Aid With Senior Health

The thing is, many readmissions are avoidable. A significant issue in our health care system is unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.


Use the following suggestions to help you substantially decrease your chance of hospital readmissions:

Speak with the hospital’s discharge planner. Before your release date, have a family member or your caregiver around for this conversation.

  • Talk to your doctors and nurses. Ask about the conditions of your health and what you might action you can take in getting better.
  • Make sure you fully understand every part of your care plan written and verbal. If you don’t, ask questions until you feel confident of maintaining your health at home.


Important things to ask:

  • Problems or concerns you may have
  • Symptoms and side effects to be aware of
  • A backup plan if you should experience side effects/symptoms
  • Get a phone number/name you can call if you become concerned
  • Get a hard copy of your plan of care

You’ll have follow-up instructions on recovering. Typically, you’ll get verbal instructions for your care, you should also receive a written plan of care. When a patient or caregiver doesn’t understand the instructions, there’s a higher chance you’ll be back in the hospital.


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