Senior Care: Easy Crafts That Stimulate the Mind

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Dealing with dementia or Alzheimers is never fun. It is a very stressful time for everyone involved. The experts at Premier Medical Associates have the best advice when it comes to senior care. Have you ever considered easy crafts that will stimulate the mind? Located in Orlando, we are the best internal medicine doctor near me. 


Stimulation is the Answer

The onset of Dementia or Alzheimer’s leaves little in the way of encouragement and can be frightening. However, aside from medication, some activities and habits can help in the aid of memory.

Cognitive stimulation helps to slow the decline. Through cognitive stimulation, these activities can bring a sense of joy back into life, encourage well being, and improve the quality of a person’s life.


When life lacks a sense of accomplishment, then quality can be lost. There are general suggestions for improving life for dementia patients, such as:

  • Singing
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Reading


Crafts Are The Best Form of Senior Care

Here is our list for the best crafts that you need to try today:

  • Painting
    • Painting lets the engaged participant bypass language since the brain navigates a fresh communication path.
  • Adult Coloring Book
    • Coloring, like painting, opens up a new path for participants. For aggression, agitation, restlessness, and anxiety, coloring allows the participant to de-stress.
  • Memory Book
  • Memory books are multi-sensory tools used to prolong memory and enhance cognition.
    • Their function is much like a scrapbook but contains captions, music, voice recordings, familiar and favorite songs, stories, and poetry. It’s a form of reminiscence therapy but is also an excellent crafting option.
  • Scrapbooking
    • Aside from being a rewarding task, scrapbooking is a group activity (two or more) that encourages recognition between participants and photographs.
  • Puzzles
    • These are an excellent way to facilitate spatial awareness, slow the decline, provide a rewarding experience, and allow a sense of achievement.
  • Weaving
    • The repetitive methodology of weaving, knitting, crocheting, or sewing is an excellent aid in relieving anxiety. While some aren’t capable of the manual dexterity, the mimicry of the task helps.
  • Silhouette Decoration
    • The idea of this craft is to outline a tree or animal, color it in, and then decorate it with buttons. If the participant can’t draw, print out a template, they can color and decorate.
  • Sculpting
    • This is an excellent way to engage participants in the use of their hands, creative thinking, and patience. There are no demands when it comes to sculpting, so the project remains relaxed throughout the duration. Ideally, the participant sculpts whatever they desire — even abstract forms.


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