Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating!

Do you struggle with emotional eating? “Oh I had a bad day at work and I deserve this cookie” “I’m bored what can I eat?” Sound familiar? Well it’s likely because we have all experienced this at one point or another in our lives. If you have not then you deserve a gold star! An estimated more than 75% of overeating is a response to our emotions.

So what is the reason we eat when we are upset?

Some researchers have indicated that we may feel this way because we have no choice but to eat. For many eating is an emotional response to stress, anxiety and boredom. Sometimes we can feel entitled to eat in order to get through difficult situations. Major events in life happen and can include a death in the family, the loss of a pet, etc. Food can be an effective way to distract the mind to many of these feelings.


Food only distracts the mind temporarily

When we eat the mind is distracted from the guilt trip that will follow immediately after. Most people end up feeling guilty and discouraged because they may have fallen off their diet or food plan. Because the initial problem was not remedied such as (Anxiety, Boredom and Stress) the result was that additional issues became evident such as (weight gain from emotional eating).


Weight gain is attributed to overeating

When weight gets lost it can be very easy to look at the results and think that you can begin eating larger portions again. This is not only false but can have adverse side effects such as regaining weight lost. Usually people who don’t have weight problems were people who were successfully able to maintain a healthy weight. Eating snacks every once and a while is fine as long as it’s not every day and in excess.

Emotional Eating Can Be Changed!

A person with an eating disorder can change their habits. It’s not always easy for most but it can be done. The more times a person manages their emotions without eating, the more the person will be able to refrain themselves from overeating as their life progresses. One of the key factors of managing emotional eating is the ability to break the connections between your mood and food.


You Can Do It!

Sometimes the best way to get through and eating disorder is mind over matter. At the end of the day it’s important to not only cut back on foods attributed to your moods but also exercise. Just 60 minutes of exercise per day can be a huge benefit in your overall health.

We want you to live a happier and healthier life and here at Premier Medical Associates our goal is to help you attain these goals. If you struggle from emotional eating schedule an appointment with one of our caring doctors. Book an appointment today by clicking here, email us at info@pmacare.com or call us at 352-259-2159. We look forward to helping you live a happier and healthier lifestyle!