Ramy Ibrahim M.D

Internal Medicine Global Medical Director

Ramy Ibrahim M.D

Dr. Ibrahim is board certified in Internal Medicine and is the Global Medical Director of Premier Medical Associates. He follows his patients as a primary care provider in the office, in hospitals and rehab. While at Brookdale University Hospital. Dr. Ibrahim completed a Surgery Internship and Medical Residency. Dr. Ibrahim has received prestigious awards from institutions such as the Metropolitan Geriatric Society. He is a published author of multiple research articles such as:

1. Triad of Iron Deficiency Anemia, Severe Thrombocytopenia & Menorrhagia
2. Pagget Schroetter Syndrome.

Dr. Ibrahim is currently leading two studies; (1) Relation of uterine fibroids to sudden death in middle aged/elderly female population, (2) Abnormal clotting and deep venous thrombosis with special emphasis on May Thurner Syndrome aka Illiac Vein Compression Syndrome. If you need an internal medicine doctor near me visit Dr. Ibranhim!

Dr. Ibrahim is accepting patients in The Villages – Santa Barbara Blvd. location and our Lake Sumter Landing location. 

Dr. Ibrahim is affiliated with St. Mary Coptic Church-Oviedo Charity and Medical Center.

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