Looking for Physicians Near Me? How to Spot a Dislocated Bone

There are some injuries that will have you running to search for “physicians near me,” but there are others where you might not be so sure that you need to see a doctor. One of those injuries is a bone dislocation. When this injury first happens you may not feel the need to find an internal medicine doctor near me, but it’s important that you know the signs and symptoms of a dislocation because the faster it gets treated, the quicker it will heal. Premier Medical Associates in Orlando can help you learn what you should be on the lookout for in order to determine if you have a dislocated bone


When Should You Look For Physicians Near Me?

 If you suspect that you have a dislocated bone, it is critical that you look for an internal medicine doctor near me so you can get it examined and fixed immediately. The longer you sit with a dislocated bone, the more damage it could do. However, in order for you to be able to tell if a bone is dislocated it’s important for you to know what you exactly a dislocated bone is and how to tell if you definitely have one.


A bone becomes dislocated when it is forced out of its normal position. Most of the time, dislocations will cause you severe pain and make it almost impossible to move the joint. These injuries happen when a joint has an unexpected collision. For instance, if you fall hard or there is a harsh impact on the joint. Dislocations are common in the fingers and shoulders, but it’s possible for it to happen to your knees, elbows, and hips as well. In some cases, you will be able to actually see that the dislocation has happened because the joint looks out of place. However, in the cases where it is visible, you will notice a loss of motion, deformity, pain when moving, tingling or numbness, and even bruising. Dislocations can happen to anyone, but there are definitely people who are more prone to having them occur. Seniors, young children, and athletes are more likely to experience dislocations than other people.


If you suspect or know that you have a dislocated bone, you should seek medical attention immediately since it means that the bone is no longer in the place it should be. When a dislocation is caught and treated quickly, they will heal after just a few weeks of rest and rehab. On the other hand, when treatment isn’t received right away, damage can occur to your nerves, ligaments, and blood vessels. 


Since a dislocation means a bone is no longer where it should be, you should seek immediate medical attention. When treated promptly, most dislocations get better after weeks of rest and rehabilitation. When treatment is delayed, however, you can experience damage to nerves, ligaments, and blood vessels. When you first get to the doctor, they will start by examining the area to check for any deformities, circulation issues, and broken skin. If they believe that you have a dislocation, they will order an X-ray of the area to confirm their thinking. Once it is confirmed that you have a dislocation, it will be treated on-site immediately. 


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