Everything You Need To Know About A Pacemaker


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What is a Pacemaker?


A pacemaker is an electronic device that is implanted under the skin. It is typically very small but very sophisticated, and it is used to regulate the heartbeat. In particular, pacemakers are used to treat cardiac arrhythmias. When these arrhythmias produce bradycardia–that is, when the heartbeat is too slow–the pacemaker can eliminate the symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, and loss of consciousness. The heart rhythms that are responsible for bradycardia are sick sinus syndrome and heart block.


Sometimes, people who have heart failure can use pacemakers to coordinate the beating of the chambers of the heart. These particular pacemakers are known as cardiac resynchronization therapy devices and they significantly improve the function of the heart as well as those symptoms that accompany heart failure in most people.


How Does it Work?


Pace makers do not do the work that the heart does. Your heart will still function when you have a pacemaker, but the pacemaker is responsible for helping to regulate the time and the sequence of your heartbeat.


They are made up of two parts: the generator and the leads. The generator is a small computer that is equipped with a battery and other electronic components. All of these elements are sealed in a titanium container. Most modern generators are only the size of a 50-cent piece and are about three times thicker.


The lead is an insulated wire that carries the electrical signals back and forth. One of the lead is attached to the pace maker and the other is inserted through a vein into the heart. Most pacemakers have two leads: one in the right atrium and one in the other right ventricle.


What is Life Like with One?


Pace makers are meant to help patients with arrhythmias lead normal lives, and when they are taken care of, they do. Many people with pacemakers will find that they can do much of what they did before.


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