Keep Healthy & Stop The Spread While Working

With the infamous COVID-19 going on, people have developed new ways of living in the new normal. However, there are plenty of people who have to carry on with regular responsibilities, such as going into work. Most jobs are currently on hold, have transitioned into remote work, or sadly cannot continue. Regardless, jobs that are considered essential are still allowing employees to go in. Here at Premier Medical Associates, we want to make sure that you keep healthy and that you are keeping other people around you healthy. That is why we provide professional advice on how to remain healthy and cautious during this pandemic. Even if you have to be in an area with other people, there are many ways to stay perfectly healthy, so make sure to follow our advice! Stop searching for an “internal medicine doctor near me” and use our tips. We are the best in Orlando!


How To Keep Healthy 

You are probably wondering exactly how to stay healthy if you have an essential job and have to go into work. All jobs have different protocols to ensure that their employees stay well, but we want you to hear our professional advice as well. First, if you feel sick in any way, stay at home because it is not worth it. Second, we recommend taking your temperature to ensure that it is not above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit or above. Third, always wear protective clothing and equipment while working with sick folks. Fourth, do not make physical contact with people and maintain a social distance of six feet apart. Lastly, wash your hands! This is the simplest way to stay healthy, but many people do not know how to wash their hands properly. Even during this time of COVID-19. Handwashing requires soap and water, and individuals should wash their hands for at least twenty seconds. Use hand sanitizer if there are no nearby sinks. Always have it with you! Don’t search for an “internal medicine doctor near me” when you can use our advice to stay well.


When Can I Return To Work If I’m Sick?  

Unfortunately, if you do get sick, there is not much you can do except wait it out. However, when you do begin to feel better, there are ways to make sure that it is safe to go back. Here is why we recommend doing: 

  • Check your temperature to make sure that you have no had a fever for at least three days 
  • Do not check your symptoms after you take medicine
  • Make sure it has been seven full days since you felt symptoms 
  • Wear a mask if you must go out in public, so you do not spread your sickness to other people 


We Are All In This Together 

For those going into work who have essential jobs, we appreciate the work you do. However, our main priority is to make sure that you are staying healthy and that you are not part of the spread. That is why we offer professional advice that everyone should follow so we can stop this pandemic together. We are one large community throughout all this, so let’s do the absolute best we can! There is no need to search for an “internal medicine doctor near me” because you can use our advice and feel your best. 


Contact Us 

Premier Medical Associates are professionals who know what is best for you and for those around you. Simply use our advice to keep healthy during these uncertain times of COVID-19. Call or visit us today in Orlando with questions and for more information.