Jobs for Seniors l Entrepreneurship Knows No Age!

jobs for seniors in Orlando

Are you a senior citizen who is struggling to find a job? Maybe you need something to do in your “Golden Years”? Here at Premier Medical Associates, our team is here to give you advice when it comes to jobs for seniors. We want to make sure you are successful out there in the world, no matter what endeavor you choose. You can count on us when it comes to an internal medicine doctor near me. 


Be an Entrepreneur Today

It doesn’t matter your age! Starting a business as an older person isn’t just the latest trend. Two of the world’s most well-known fast-food chains were started by men who were in their later years. Colonel Harland Sanders was in his 60’s upon founding KFC while Ray Kroc started McDonald’s in his 50’s. So the history of this is well-established. It’s also in the data.


For some, starting a business may seem like an impossible proposition. But with age comes significant advantages for business.


The Advantages in Jobs for Seniors

  • Personal network. 
    • Older entrepreneurs almost always have a much broader and deeper network of contacts than do their younger contemporaries, thanks to years and years of building friendships.
  • Influential friends. 
    • Take the 50 closest friends of a college student, and take the 50 closest friends of a 60-year-old. Which one do you think has more friends who are wealthy, and have political influence and are leaders at their places of work. 
  • Experience. Wisdom. Bumps and bruises. School of hard knocks. 
    • Entrepreneurs who have been around the block more than a few times make smarter decisions. The old entrepreneur always wins!
  • Controlled personal expenses. 
    • Generally, someone in his 50s or 60s doesn’t have children living with them. This means all those associated expenses of new babies and growing families are likely to be leveled off or fading away. The young entrepreneur often needs to raise a business while simultaneously raising a family. That can be a big drain on cash.
  • Giveback mode.
    • It may not seem like an advantage at face value, but older entrepreneurs are typically more community-driven. Many grow out of the need to simply “get rich quick” and shift to a mode of “getting rich right.” This means their goal is to accumulate wealth for themselves and their community. 
  • Better workforce. 
    • Older entrepreneurs can not only pull from their larger personal network, but they also have the advantage of watching other people’s work ethics from afar. They can potentially watch the tendencies of others over years or even decades, and then pick the best employees to surround themselves with. 
  • One last shot. 
    • When you have one last shot at something, you take more care to get it right. This doesn’t mean that every older entrepreneur gets this, but many understand that this is their final shot at making their business into not only a financial win, but also a legacy. This brings commitment and confidence naturally to the older entrepreneur. 


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