Immediate Care Clinic Debunks Flu Shot Myths

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Autumn is a wonderful time of year to many. The weather in Florida starts to cool down a little, exciting holidays are around every corner, and we get to celebrate the end of another year. One not-so-great thing about the Fall though is the risk of contracting the flu. Most people tend to overlook the flu, but it’s possible that your symptoms could become severe and disrupt your life. Getting a flu shot is a fantastic way to prepare for the coming months, and you can do so by seeking an immediate care facility. You might not be sold on the importance of a flu vaccine, but we at Premier Medical Associates in Orlando are here to debunk some myths you might have about flu shots. We hope that these will have you seeking a walk in clinic near me.


3 Big Myths Surrounding Flu Shots

First of all, the flu is more than just a cold. It’s short for the Influenza virus, which is a contagious respiratory illness that’s responsible for 12,00 – 79,000 deaths across the world each year. Here in the United States, the risk of death from the flu is lower than in less developed countries, but that doesn’t mean the risk isn’t there. If you think the flu shot won’t help you, then we have this information to share:

  • You can contract the flu when getting your vaccine
    • As a rule of thumb, vaccines are made from weakened and inactive forms of a virus so that the body can become accustomed to it. This helps the body fend it off in the event that you contract the same virus. The flu shot is no different, and the weakened form of the virus cannot get a healthy individual sick. That being said, it is possible that you experience mild flu symptoms for a couple days as your body reacts to the weakened virus. 
  • You don’t get the flu, therefore you’re safe from the flu
    • Unfortunately, many people develop the idea that if they haven’t had the flu before, that they’ll never contract it in the future. No one is immune to the flu virus and there’s always a risk of contracting it every year. What’s more, viruses are always mutating and changing, which can put you at greater risk.
  • You’ve had the flu shot before and still caught it, so it doesn’t work
    • Flu shots are meant to cover the most common strains of the flu virus, but there are countless strains out there, so it’s always possible that you could contract an uncommon one not in full circulation. This means the vaccine you took may not protect you against a random invader, but this is rare and unlikely to happen. At the end of the day, the flu vaccine will still greatly increase your defense against the virus.


For Flu Shots, Find Immediate Care in a Walk In Clinic Near Me

Flu shots are here to help us stay protected as much as possible from circulating flu viruses. This makes them invaluable during the colder months where people could be sick or carrying the virus around. If you live in Orlando and are looking for a walk in clinic near me, contact us as Premier Medical Associates. We can provide you with immediate care regarding a vaccination so that you can be protected for the rest of the Fall and Winter.