What Are Immediate Care Clinics & Why Are They Popular?

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For minor injuries and illnesses, many of us will opt to stay home and rely on over-the-counter medication to deal with our symptoms or pain. Sometimes the solution to minor flu-like symptoms is lots of fluids and a day resting at home. For more intense conditions, it may seem like the emergency room is the place to go to. As it turns out, emergency room visits have actually been decreasing in recent years while the number of visits to immediate care clinics has been increasing. From our perspective at Premier Medical Associates in Orlando, we can understand why. If your condition isn’t immediately life threatening, there are a lot of pros to choosing urgent care near me over rushing to the emergency room. Let’s take a look at why.


Why You Might Choose Urgent Care Near Me Over The Emergency Room

Growing up, we often learn that the hospital is where we need to go when we’re sick or injured to receive proper care. Rarely does anyone ever bring up other care facilities like urgent care, and yet more people seem to be opting for these kinds of facilities over the emergency room. There are a few different reasons to consider as to why this is:

  • Accessibility
    • Hospitals are large facilities dedicated to care for even the most serious of conditions, and they’re often quite large as a result. Because of this, they tend to be a bit fewer and farther between. In comparison, there tends to be a higher congestion of urgent care clinics in certain areas. They also tend to be a lot closer to residential areas, so when you’re deciding whether to take the 10 minute drive to an urgent clinic vs a 30 minute drive to a hospital, often the quicker trip wins out.
  • Urgency
    • Wait times can be a big factor as well. If your condition isn’t life-threatening, you may be subjected to a long wait time when seeking medical help. Non-severe issues can frequently have people waiting hours at a hospital, but the higher volume of urgent care facilities per area can mean less wait times at each one.
  • Cost
    • A huge one for many, the cost of seeking help at an emergency room vs an urgent clinic is staggering. For low-severity conditions, an emergency room can cost upwards of $400-500 out of pocket. In comparison, a visit to an urgent clinic will typically be closer to $50. In many cases, potential patients would forgo treatment entirely were it not for the budget-friendly urgent care.


If You Need Immediate Care, Remember Premier Medical Associates

If you’re ever in a life-threatening condition, then the emergency room is the best place to be. Most of the time, though, our conditions are more likely to be low-severity. If you find yourself sick or injured with a low-severity condition, and you need to find urgent care near me, then remember Premier Medical Associates in Orlando. We aim to provide quality medical aid as quickly as possible for all immediate care patients to ensure they receive the treatment they need. Contact us so we can help you locate the nearest facility near you so that you can be prepared in the event of an injury or illness.