Ileana Aponte-Camacho M.D

General Practice

Ileana Aponte-Camacho M.D

Dr. Aponte-Camacho, known to many as “Dr. Aponte,” is a General Practitioner providing healthcare for patients 15 years and older. She maintains her Medical License in Florida as well as Puerto Rico. Dr. Aponte is a BLS instructor and is an Ultroid Provider. Dr. Aponte holds professional certifications in Advanced Chemical and Biological Integrated Response, as well as Radiological/Nuclear Awareness outlines by Homeland Security. Dr. Aponte also has experience in Emergency Medicine for Adults/Pediatrics and Occupational Medicine. Dr. Aponte is bilingual, speaking English and fluent Spanish. If you need an internal medicine doctor near me visit Dr. Aponte!

Dr. Aponte accepts new patients at our Clermont location.

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