How to Prevent The Flu This Season

Do you want to prevent the flu this season?


Good because flu season is in full swing. We want to share with you some tips on how you can avoid contracting the flu this winter. You will also find some key differences between the common cold and the influenza virus. Keeping yourself healthy is key to keeping you out of the hospital. You should be able to enjoy everyday life to the fullest and Premier Medical Associates has your back.


4 Ways To Prevent The Flu


1. Get A Flu Shot: This one is a given each and every year. All it takes is going to the doctor’s office or by going to a clinic that your work provides. You can also get the flu shot at our 14 conveniently located care centers around Central Florida.

2. Healthy Habits: Did you know your immune system protects the body against any infections incurred? In order to keep the body strong you can do a few things. Make sure that your body is getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. You can also take up the practice of healthy eating. By eating a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables with every meal. Additionally, exercising for at least 20 minutes 3-5 times per week is a great way to stay healthy.

3. Stop Smoking: People who are smokers tend to get viruses more often than people who don’t. Symptoms are also more severe in smokers. Therefore quitting smoking could be a useful preventative measure against contracting the flu. This can not only be good for you but also beneficial for anyone who lives with you.

4. Antivirus Flu Drugs: Antiviral drugs are prescriptions which may reduce the severity of your flu symptoms. These drugs may also prevent you from contracting the flu virus if you take them before you get sick. Of course you should talk to your healthcare provider before starting any medication. If you practice these helpful and insightful tips you should be much less likely to suffer from the flu this season.


Do I have a cold or the flu?


When we enter the fall and winter seasons, it’s more likely you will get sick. The main problem patients have is they don’t know the difference between the common cold or the more severe influenza virus. We want you to stay up to date and healthy this winter time. Below you will find some of the differences between the common cold and the flu according to sources provided by CDC.


Common Cold


1. Normally does not involve having a fever.

2. Symptoms are very gradual.

3. Sore throats are a common occurrence.

4. You usually will not have aches and chills attributed.

5. Mucus builds up and sneezing occurs.

6. Coughing and chest discomfort are only mild to moderate.



1. Fevers are a common occurrence.

2. Symptoms are abrupt and come on fast.

3. The body gets fatigued and weak.

4. Body aches and chills are more common.

5. Sometimes coughs and stuffy noses occur but not always

6. Coughing and chest discomfort is common and a lot more severe than the common cold.


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