Shocking Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Seniors

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? It seems to be everyone’s guilty pleasure. When it comes to this tasty treat, there are many great health benefits for seniors that you may not be aware of. However, this is only true with the consumption of dark chocolate. At Premier Medical Associates, we have all the information you need to make sure you stay the healthiest you can. 


Chocolate Is Your Friend

The term “healthy chocolate” is not common to hear when you are making a decision between milk or dark. In fact, health isn’t usually one of your considerations. Well, chocolate lovers finally have something to celebrate — the benefits of dark chocolate truly.


Now, this is a health news every chocolate fanatic loves to read about. Studies have shown that one ounce of dark chocolate not only brings chocolate bliss but also has some seriously positive effects.


Top Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • Rich in nutrients
    • Dark chocolate contains 50 – 90% of cocoa solids; whereas, milk chocolate has only 10 – 50%.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
    • A small amount of dark chocolate, packed with good-for-you components, helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
    • since dark chocolate contains phytochemicals with antioxidant properties, it has Song been thought of a way to prevent cancer.
  • Helps prevent heart disease
    • Due to its antioxidant power, dark chocolate could have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Heart health depends on different factors, but one risk is low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
  • Improves blood flow
    • Dark chocolate is naturally anti-inflammatory, improving blood flow throughout the body and to the brain. 
  • Encourages weight loss
    • Dark chocolate helps to control appetite and reduce cravings because it helps balance out blood sugar due to its rich-flavanols.
  • Helps protect against the sun
    • One way to justify your chocolate intake is to think of it like you’re saving money. Instead of spending money on fancy sunscreen, treat yourself with a delectable square.
  • Improves brain function
    • It all goes back to the flavanols (rich in antioxidants) in dark chocolate.
  • Reduces stress
    • A new study shows that people who rated themselves as highly stressed had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol after eating chocolate every day for a few weeks.


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