Dizzy Spells: 3 Causes of Dizziness That You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Before you start looking for emergency services in order to treat your dizziness, it’s important to be informed about why you may be feeling like this in the first place. While dizziness remains the second most common reason to go to the doctor, few people are aware of why they started feeling dizzy in the first place. Dizziness is estimated to have an effect on 70% of the population at certain points in their lives. Read on to learn more about the top three reasons that you may be feeling dizzy, and whether or not you should receive urgent care due to dizzy spells. If you’re looking online for an “urgent care near me” in the Orlando area, call Premier Medical Associates today!


Main Causes Of Dizziness


Dizziness is something that at some point or another has affected the majority of the population. It’s important to be informed about the condition so that you know when you should start heading to an “urgent care near me” and when you just need to stay home and rest. Here are some of the main causes of dizziness that plague people in the United States.

  • Low blood pressure- Low blood pressure, which is also known as hypotension, is able to make an individual feel dizzy, nauseous, and possibly even lethargic. Sudden drops in low blood pressure, known as orthostatic hypotension, can also make you feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly. Hypotension usually functions as a symptom of another pre-existing condition, but can also be a chronic issue on its own. Visit a doctor for a diagnosis or an urgent care nearby if you’re exhibiting signs of shock. 
  • Benign positional vertigo- Vertigo is a medical condition that impact a person’s sense of balance, causing spinning or swaying sensations when your head is tilted, when you turn over, lay down,or get up. It is caused by a disturbance in the fluid of the inner ear when  crystals of calcium carbonate go into the canals of your ears. BPV can be diagnosed medically and is typically a lifelong issue.
  • Excessive exercise- While Exercise is  necessary for a healthy mind and body, over-exerting yourself during a workout can result in dizziness symptoms. Make sure to take periodic breaks and drink plenty of water throughout your workout. You should also avoid working out on an empty or overly full stomach.


Being Conscious Of Dizzy Spells


If you experience dizziness, but it continues to persist rather than going away, you should visit a doctor or urgent care facility. It’s also important to go to a pedi center or emergency services if you or your child has sustained a head injury, has blurred vision, or goes in and out of consciousness. While some dizziness short-term can be normal, ignoring frequent dizziness can end up in potentially life-threatening situations. 


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