What To Expect At Your CT Scan

Being told you need to have a CT scan can be overwhelming especially if you’ve never had any kind of testing done before. The best way to lessen any fears or nerves you’re experiencing is to get some background knowledge about the test and what it’s used for. If you’re in the Orlando area and looking for a walk in clinic near me, Premier Medical Associates could be the group of medical professionals you need. Whether you’re looking for treatment or more information about different treatment options they are the experts you should speak to.


What To Expect From A CT Scan

The first thing that is important to know is what precisely these scans are. CT stands for a computerized tomography scan, and it consists of a series of x-ray images that are taken from different angles and are processed by a computer to create images of your bones, blood vessels, and tissue inside your body. The reason these scans are used instead of x-rays in some cases is that they provide doctors with more information than a regular x-ray does.


This type of scan is used in many different cases, but it is mostly used to quickly examine a patient who may have suffered internal injuries from a variety of accidents or trauma. A scan can be used to see virtually every part of the body and can diagnose a variety of disease as well as injuries. It is also used to assist surgeons who are trying to create a medical or surgical plan.


There may be a number of reasons why a walk-in clinic near me may request a scan. They might need it to diagnose a muscle or bone disorder as well as tumors or fractures, pinpoint the location of an infection or blood clot, plan and guide a procedure or radiation treatment, detect and monitor diseases, and detect any internal injury or bleeding a patient may have.


Although these scans provide great medical advancements, there are also some risks involved. One of the risks involved is the exposure to radiation. During your scan, you will briefly be exposed to ionizing radiation. The amount of radiation is greater than when you have a plain x-ray because this scan provides a more detailed picture. However, the low dose you receive during this scan has not been shown to have any long term effects on patients. Another possible risk that these scans pose is to unborn babies so it is important to tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or may be pregnant. Although it’s not clear if the radiation will cause any damage to the baby due to the possibility that it may your doctor may recommend another type of exam to get the same information. In some cases, your doctor may recommend you get a contrast material, which is a special dye that can help a doctor identify potential problems. In some cases, you may experience an allergic reaction to this material. In most cases, these reactions are mild and only cause a rash or some itchiness.


CT scanners are shaped like large tubes with a hole in the center. During the procedure, you will lie down on a narrow motorized table that will move in and out of the opening of the tunnel. As the table moves into the scanner and out the detectors rotate around your body and capture a series of images. While the machine is on you may hear a loud buzzing or whirring noise. As this test is being done there will be a technologist in another room that can see you through and window and hear you as well. This is done so you have the ability to speak with them if you need anything and so you can hear any instructions that you need during the procedure. For example, the technologist may tell you to hold your breath at certain times to avoid getting blurred images.


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