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Those that work in healthcare know that it can be one of the most exhausting, draining, and sometimes thankless professions there are, but sometimes you get the privilege and the blessing of being around people that remind you of why you entered the industry in the first place. Premier Medical Center recently partnered with The Tri-County Caregiver Resource Center, Grey Stone, Sumter Senior Living, and Concierge Care to host an Ice Cream Social for one of the unsung heroes of healthcare, Vickie Shepherd. Vickie has been a CNA and med tech for Sumter Place Assisted Living since they opened their doors. She often says that she still loves her job just as much as the first day she started, and it’s readily apparent that the facility loves her back. One of the residents, Grace Lomonaco, is vision impaired and was even quoted saying, “I love everything about Vickie. I’m 100% dependent on her to make sure my clothes are matching and my hair is combed.” Another resident, Dorothy Butler, added on that, “Vickie is a big part of what makes Sumter Place feel like home.” We chose Vickie because of her hard work and dedication to the seniors in our community. Since word of the coronavirus first spread, she hasn’t missed a day of work. Unfortunately, Vickie lost her home and two beloved cats in a fire that took almost everything from her. With the Ice Cream Social, we were able to donate $1,000 to Vickie.