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It is not wise to jump from doctor to doctor. Here at Premier Medical Associates, we believe that if you stay with the same doctor, you will live longer. There are studies that prove it! Trust our clinic nearby to provide you with all the information you need. You can count on our walk-in clinic near me. 


Studies Show…

If you’ve been a loyal patient of your primary care physician, here’s some good news: Patients who continuously use the same primary care doctor live longer, according to a recent study published in BMJ Open journal. Results also suggest continuity of care from your primary care doctor is particularly valuable for patients living with a chronic condition or mental health illness.


Researchers from the University of Exeter reviewed 22 studies – a combination of cohorts and cross-sectional studies — from nine countries with different cultures and health systems. Close to 82 percent of the studies found a link between going to the same doctor for more than two years and fewer deaths when compared to patients who saw different doctors. Researchers chalked up the results to better human interaction, which may be neglected in favor of medical technology.     


Other studies have found similar results. For instance, The Lancet published a study a few years ago that looked at the connection between continuity of primary care and emergency hospitalizations. Researchers from the University of Bristol randomly selected medical records of people aged 65 years and older from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink. They identified 769 records of patients who had an emergency hospitalization and at least two primary care visits within the last two years, one visit taking place within 30 days of the hospitalization. Results showed a connection between patients who switched primary care doctors and a higher risk of emergency hospitalizations versus patients who consistently saw the same primary care physician.  


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