Need a Cholesterol Test? Understand Your Cholesterol Levels

cholesterol test in Orlando

We’ve all heard of cholesterol, but do you know what it is or how it can affect you? Believe it or not, cholesterol levels are directly linked to one of America’s most deadly killers: heart disease. Understanding more about cholesterol, how to check your levels, and how you can manage it are all essential to healthy living. The first step to figuring out where you stand is with a cholesterol test, which is why location an internal medicine doctor near me can be extremely helpful. At Premier Medical Associates, we can help patients check their cholesterol levels and help them get on the path to lowering their levels, if need be.


All About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance naturally produced by animals. Did you know that your body produces its own cholesterol? This is because not all cholesterol is bad cholesterol. It can be broken down into two groups:

  • LDL
    • This stands for “low-density lipoproteins.” This is the kind of cholesterol you want as little as possible in your diet. Having too much can have this cholesterol get deposited into your arteries. This restricts blood flow and can raise your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • HDL
    • This stands for “high-density lipoproteins.” This is the good kind of cholesterol you want to have, and that your body provides for you and can actually work to prevent heart disease and stroke.


If you have high levels of LDL in your diet, what can you do to change that? Cholesterol is found almost exclusively in animal products and byproducts. Red meat and dairy products contain large levels of cholesterol and should be limited as much as possible. Lean meat and eggs contain less cholesterol, but still a fair amount. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to replace some of your meals with plant-based ones. Replacing even just one meal a day with a plant-based meal can have a massive impact on your cholesterol levels over time.


If you do have high cholesterol levels, you probably aren’t showing any symptoms. Many people who have high levels go about their lives without knowing. This is scary because heart attacks attacks and strokes can strike suddenly and without warning. You won’t be able to predict what could be a life-changing scenario. The best thing you can do to protect yourself against this is to get a blood test from a clinic.


Seek a Cholesterol Test from an Internal Medicine Doctor Near Me

The first step to managing your cholesterol levels is to discover where you stand with a cholesterol test. Getting a blood test from a professional at Premier Medical Associates can help you get a grasp on your LDL levels and what you need to do to better protect yourself against heart disease. If you live in Orlando, you can reach an internal medicine doctor near me by contacting us today. Our dedicated experts can help test your cholesterol levels so you can learn about your risk for heart conditions and treat it with a healthier diet. You might also consider prescription medication to help you combat your cholesterol as well.