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Health Wellness Tips During COVID-19 – How To Wear A Mask

Many people are staying as cautious as possible due to the risks of COVID-19. You are probably wearing masks, washing your hands, socially distancing yourself from others, and likely not leaving your home as often. However, there are a lot of precautions that people are not following correctly. One of the most common mistakes is […]

Consult An Online Doctor If You Think You Have Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government and health care systems to accelerate their telemedicine offerings at breakneck speed in order to lessen the flow of traffic to emergency rooms as part of an attempt to avoid putting healthcare providers at risk. Currently, the world is in a completely different place than where it was […]

What Are Immediate Care Clinics & Why Are They Popular?

For minor injuries and illnesses, many of us will opt to stay home and rely on over-the-counter medication to deal with our symptoms or pain. Sometimes the solution to minor flu-like symptoms is lots of fluids and a day resting at home. For more intense conditions, it may seem like the emergency room is the […]

Senior Health Tips: Preventing Hospital Readmission

Hospital readmission is never a fun time. It is extremely stressful and sometimes overwhelming for the individual involved. When it comes to senior health, you must make sure you stay on top of it. Here at Premier Medical Associates, our professionals are here to make sure you are aware of the tips to help prevent […]

What to Bring to Your Urgent Care Nearby

The fact is that nowadays, hospitals and emergency rooms have been pushed to capacity and there is a need for an equally effective alternative. Many people in Orlando have found a good solution by Googling “walk-in clinic near me” and clicking on Premier Medical Associates.  It would not be inappropriate to say that an urgent […]

All You Need to Know About Measles and Measles Treatment

Dealing with measles can quickly become devastating, especially in an area where people have never been exposed. The experts at Premier Medical Associates are here to inform you of all the information you need to know about measles and measles treatment. We are known for being the best primary care doctors near me. We are […]

Do You Need to Visit An Urgent Care Clinic Nearby for a Sunburn?

When it comes to mild to moderate sunburns, we are all fairly aware of how to take of them. All you need is plenty of water, a cold shower, and consistent application of topical ointments and aloe vera. In the “Sunshine State” of Florida, pretty much everybody knows how to deal with a mild sunburn […]