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Where Can I Go For Respiratory Infection Treatment?

Have you been the victim of a strong headache, followed by wheezing and the occasional fever? For many, these are signs that you may actually be suffering from a respiratory infection. When this happens, what do you? Can you just go to the local pharmacy and pick up some over the counter drugs, or is […]

How Is A Bubble Study Done?

Are you ready for a bubble study, Orlando? When you first hear this question, it can seem like kind of a shock. Are we pranking you? Is this serious? Does it really involve actual bubbles? While yes, it does involve real bubbles,  we promise this is a serious question. The professionals at Premier Medical Associates […]

Remote Monitoring For Your Cardiac Pacemaker

Having an implanted heart device requires a lot of ongoing care. Many would just assume that after getting the implant, the care ends there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Premiere Medical Associates in Orlando, it here to inform you about remote monitoring when it comes to a cardiac pacemaker. We are known for being […]

These Healthy Habits Help Prevent The Spreading of Germs

Germs are easy to spread, and nobody likes to get sick. Being ill can put a halt on your  social life, make you feel generally physically miserable, and disrupt your mood. While we all get sick from time to time, there are some things that you can do in order to decrease your risk of […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Pacemaker

A pacemaker can bring real hope to a patient, and Premier Medical Associates in Orlando can explain why. We care about making our patients’ lives easier and we know the benefits that a pacemaker can have in the life of a patient. If you have been searching “primary care doctors near me” and you are […]

The Difference Between an X Ray, CT Scan, and MRI

Do you ever go to a doctors office or a hospital and notice machines like an MRI or an xray? Or maybe you saw a movie where a character is getting a CT scan. Regardless, your brain is a little a fuzzy on what exactly each one does. Here at Premier Medical Associates, we are […]

Primary Care Specialties: Who Should You Choose?

Are you suffering from an illness or an injury? A question that may be simmering in your mind is whether to see a primary care doctor or a specialist. Which choice will be more beneficial to you? Here at Premier Medical Associates, we are here to ensure you make the best decision for you. Located […]

Diabetic Eating: What’s Safe and What Is Not

Living with diabetes does not necessarily mean deprivation. Are you always asking yourself, “What is safe to eat?” With a guideline on healthy meals and what to avoid, you can relax and dig into a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks. Typically, a diabetic diet should be low in saturated and trans fats, added […]

Determining The Risk of Heart Disease With a Stress Test

Your coronary health can be illustrated through an exercise stress test, as it shows how your heart functions during physical activity. As your heart pumps harder and faster due to exercise, the test can help to reveal problems with blood flow within your heart. This type of test generally involves cardiovascular exercise such as walking […]