Remote Monitoring For Your Cardiac Pacemaker

Having an implanted heart device requires a lot of ongoing care. Many would just assume that after getting the implant, the care ends there. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Premiere Medical Associates in Orlando, it here to inform you about remote monitoring when it comes to a cardiac pacemaker. We are known for being the best urgent care near me.

What is Remote Monitoring?

As previously stated, ongoing care is required far after an implant is placed. It is essential to maintain a connection with your doctor or clinic for the life of your device. One of the best ways to do this is through remote monitoring.  Here is the question, though. What is remote monitoring?


Remote monitoring is a way for your implanted heart device to communicate with your doctor or clinic using a small monitor, potentially reducing the number of times you have to travel to your clinic for an implanted heart device check. This is required to ensure optimal care and performance. It is very important that your device has lifelong and regular checks.


In the past, these checks have required that you make regular visits to your Cardiologist. Using new technology, remote monitoring allows healthcare providers to check your device from your home, using the mobile network, or in other cases a standard telephone or wireless internet service. The monitor will automatically check your implanted device every day of the year to make sure it is functioning properly. If an alert is detected, this information will be sent to HeartCare Partners, and we will evaluate the alert and take the appropriate action.


Another plus to this device is you do not need access to a computer or the internet to use this service. You only need to have mobile network coverage, a smartphone, a standard telephone landline connection or wireless internet service. If you need more information, feel free to ask us! We are the best urgent care near me!


Remote Monitoring Services for a Cardiac Pacemaker is Beneficial

Here are some of the many benefits to utilizing this service:

  • Increase the speed of sending critical device and heart rhythm information to your Cardiologist
  • Increase your safety by allowing faster transmission of device alerts to your Cardiologist
  • Save you time and the inconvenience of multiple clinic appointments
  • Save you money by reducing cost like travel, parking, lost income, etc.
  • Reduce the burden to your work or family by eliminating the need to take time off work and for family members to accompany you to your appointment


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