How Is A Bubble Study Done?

Are you ready for a bubble study, Orlando? When you first hear this question, it can seem like kind of a shock. Are we pranking you? Is this serious? Does it really involve actual bubbles? While yes, it does involve real bubbles,  we promise this is a serious question. The professionals at Premier Medical Associates are here to dissect and inform you exactly what this silly names study is and how it works. We are the best urgent care Lady Lake FL.

What is the Study?

A bubble study is a noninvasive test that allows physicians to assess the flow of blood through the heart. It is typically used in conjunction with an echocardiogram or a transcranial Doppler study (TCD). A bubble study is often performed when a patent foramen ovale (PFO) is suspected. Does that make sense? Let us break it down further.

During an echocardiogram, a technician uses a probe that emits high-frequency sound waves, think of an ultrasound, that “echo” off the structures of your heart. The waves, which are translated into video images visible on a monitor, can reveal information about your heart’s structure and function. A bubble study gives added information, as it can identify potential blood flow issues inside your heart.


How Does a Bubble Study Work?

For the bubble study, you will get an intravenous (IV) line in a vein in your arm. A saltwater solution called saline is mixed with a small amount of air to create tiny bubbles and then injected into your vein. This fluid then circulates up to the right side of your heart and shows up on the echocardiogram image. You may be asked to cough, which briefly increases the pressure in the heart’s right side. As the bubbles travel through the vein and into the right side of the heart, the increased density they produce on the echocardiography image allows the physician actually to watch the bubbles move through the cardiac chambers.


If the heart is functioning normally, the bubbles will be seen entering the right atrium, then the right ventricle, then out the pulmonary artery and into the lungs, where they are filtered out of the circulation.

However, if the bubbles are seen to enter the left side of the heart, this indicates that there is an abnormal opening between the two sides of the heart—a so-called intracardiac shunt. This sound a little scary, but professionals promise it is not as bad as it sounds. It is virtually painless. You can count on our urgent care Lady Lake FL.


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