Types of Allergy Testing To Look Out For

Did you know that even if you are not born with an allergy, you can always develop one over time? For instance, just because you ate pineapples growing up, does not guarantee you won’t be allergic to them in the future. Our bodies are constantly changing, and because of this, you must ensure that you are continually keeping up with allergy testing. At Premier Medical Associates, we are here to makes sure that you get the best care when it comes to healthcare providers. We are the best urgent care Lady Lake FL residents can trust.


Test Your Allergies

How do you find out if you are allergic to something? Most people come to recognize their allergy triggers of their own in time. They try to prevent any contact with these substances after they’re realized they are allergic to them. While this works out fine, for the most part, it is more difficult to diagnose certain kinds of allergy. An allergy specialist can step in and run allergy tests to help you identify what’s triggering your allergy in such cases. Allergy tests are not enough to diagnose allergy but are a good first step. A person’s medical history and a thorough doctor’s examination is also required to detect an allergy in a person properly.


Different Types of Allergy Testing

A doctor carries out a skin test/blood test to detect if you have an allergy. If they suspect you have a food allergy, they may ask you to go on a food elimination diet. Let’s look at these three procedures in detail below

  • Skin Tests – Skin tests are typically of three kinds: patch tests, intradermal and scratch. It is used to identify potential allergens such as airborne, contact or even food-related allergens. Scratch tests are the initial step in skin testing. If the findings are inadequate, an intradermal test is ordered. The patch test which includes using patches with suspected allergens on your skin is another skin testing method used to detect causes of allergies.
  • Blood Test – If the doctor reviews your skin and finds it too sensitive for skin testing, he/she may recommend a blood test instead. The blood so derived is tested in a laboratory to check for antibodies which fight off specific allergens. The test is referred to as the ImmunoCAP test and is used to successfully detect IgE antibodies to counter significant allergens.
  • Elimination Diet – An elimination diet can help your doctor determine which food substances are causing your allergic reaction. In this method of allergy testing, certain food items are first removed from your diet and then added back later. The way you react to these dietary changes help the doctor detect which food item is causing your allergic reaction.


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